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Coaching: Life Matters is a registered 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization committed to removing barriers to healthy relationships. Terry S. Smith is the Founder and President of Coaching: Life Matters. His own life experiences led him into the life coaching field where he and his team offer services for married couples, veterans with post traumatic stress, crisis intervention, pre-marital coaching, and corporations.

Terry’s quest for his own personal answers and the desire to help others led him to a Masters in Counseling, a Masters of Theology, and a Doctorate in Personality, Religion, and Culture from Boston University. He spent ten years teaching and counseling on the university campus, ten years counseling and teaching in metropolitan Boston, and five years directing a counseling center.

Terry has lived in Nashville, Tennessee for the past twenty-one years and has been married to Charlotte Burkett Smith since 1965. In August of 2015, they celebrate 50 years of marriage. Together, they have four daughters and ten grandchildren, and provide premarital and marital enrichment coaching for couples seeking to overcome and grow through the obstacles people face in marriage.


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