Delta Blues: From Darkness to Light

Book available in paperback and Kindle

by Terry S. Smith with Craig Borlase

About the Author

Delta Blues: From Darkness to Light is the true story of life coach and author Terry S. Smith. In addition to being gripped with Smith’s own story, readers will be helped in their own personal walk. After a traumatic childhood, Dr. Smith became a treasured personal counselor.

In Delta Blues, Smith shows how, with good information, time and a safe place, an individual can uncover internal, false beliefs and triumph. As one of the earliest life coaches, Smith has listened to over 10,000 life stories, helping people suffering with PTSD (military veterans & others), OCD, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, depression, marital conflict and general despair.

What People Are Saying

Delta Blues is a vivid record of a child raised in the darkness of fear and insecurity, but who overcame the darkness and was raised to light and life. It is also a love story that breaks the relational cycle of death handed down from generations. You may very well find yourself revealed in its pages and thus be freed from the unconscious gods which have controlled you for too long. You, being freed, can say to your children, “I saw the powers of darkness take their flight; I saw the morning break.”
JAMES S. WOODROOF, author of Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Every time I’m with Terry, I experience a life of “Yes.” That “Yes” breathes on every page of Delta Blues. Emerging from the difficult family life in which he grew up, emerging from his personal struggle to find his real self, emerging from encounters with failure, Terry kept saying “Yes.” And that fierce commitment to “Yes” eventually brought him home to himself, his family, others.

LANDON SAUNDERS, Founder of Heartbeat; appeared on NBC, CBS, Mutual, and Armed Forces radio with encouraging support for tens of thousands


Delta Blues chronicles the healing and joy that can result from honest and persistent attention to one’s personal reality and the personal reality of others. The story outlines the process of reflection and contemplation leading from brokenness and pain to awareness and wholeness.

JOSEPH MCLAUGHLIN, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University; Professor of Psychology & Child Psychologist (Nashville, TN)


I’m a mess. You’re a mess. We’re all a mess. Delta Blues is one man’s incredibly honest recounting of how he became a mess. But it’s more, thank God. It’s also a story of discovery and redemption. It would be impossible to know how many people Terry Smith has touched and affected for eternity through the years, even as a “broken vessel.” God just wouldn’t let Terry’s messiness get in the way. If you get nothing else from this amazing story, you’ll come to see how God can use any of us in incredible ways. You will be encouraged to look past your brokenness to the gold that’s there. There will be no more excuses like, “that’s just the way I am.” Terry shows that with God’s power, you can overcome anything and fulfill your calling. That’s what Terry showed me years ago, pointing me toward the real Source of life. I am eternally grateful.

STEVE HOLT SR., Guest Editorial Columnist at Abilene Reporter News